Have you heard about the benefits and advantages that come with living in an ICF home? Have you heard that improves the energy efficiency of your home or that it resists fire for up to 4 hours? How about its mold resistant properties or its ability to maintain in 200 mph winds? While ICF home construction can cost a little more than the pricing for a traditional wood framed home, ICF homeowners say it is an investment that continues to pay off in many ways over time.

At Gavin Construction, we use the Reward Wall System to supply our Insulated Concrete Forms. These forms are actually created by joining long hollow “blocks” that are constructed with two strips of polystyrene connected with plastic ties. The ICF blocks can be cut to create custom lengths. Once the blocks are tied and reinforced with rebar, concrete is poured inside the blocks to form the foundation and walls of the home.

When taking into account ICF cost, consider the high level of energy efficiency these homes provide. With their heavy concrete walls and other energy efficient heating and cooling systems, ICF homes can save homeowners up to 40 percent on heating and cooling bills. For the average home, that translates to between $200 and $300 per year.

Because of the nature of ICF home construction, owners experience less vibration inside from doors closing and other noisy events. The homes are far less drafty than other styles of homes and don’t have cold spots like their wood framed counterparts. Additionally, superior insulation creates a more even temperature throughout the entire house.

While ICF construction cost can be slightly higher than the cost of a traditional wood framed construction, however most ICF homeowners would find many benefits to offset the front end costs.

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