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Benefits of Working with a Design/Build Firm for Your New Home or Addition

Benefits of Working with a Design/Build Firm for Your New Home or Addition

When it comes to new home construction, Montgomery County, PA design/build firms bring a number of benefits over having a separate architect and construction firm. In the case of choosing a design/build firm, the homeowner has one single point of contact. This ensures that there will be no surprises in terms of the design not matching the budget, which can happen when an architect sends a project out for construction bids.

With a design-build firm, by contrast, you typically set up a budget and schedule up front. The homeowner then works with the design professionals provided by the firm to arrive at a final plan that can be achieved within the specified budget and time frame. A design/build firm includes a general contracting unit that should be intimately familiar with building material costs and have working arrangements with a network of subcontractors. This also eliminates budget surprises before and during construction.

In the working process between client and design build firm in new home construction, Bucks County, PA firms that have a significant track record of successful builds can often provide a number of cost savings. The time savings can translate to cost savings with the close communication inherent between designers and construction personnel under the same roof. This also creates a unified incentive to stay on budget.

In addition, the most reputable design/build firms have a process in place for selection of cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances and other building products. They often have developed good working relationships with a number of providers, so cost savings can be passed along to the consumer in many cases.

Just as in other parts of the country, the process for new home construction in Montgomery County, PA can be somewhat exhaustive for the homeowner due to the many details of the process. While a design/build firm can streamline this process in many ways, the homeowner must still do their homework to ensure that the firm they choose is the right one for their needs.

By checking with other homeowners that have worked with the firm in question, the homeowner can learn about how they handle the process and the relationship they had with past clients. This should include adherence to budget and deadlines, responsiveness to changes, and a well-documented overall construction project process.

The process of new home construction in Bucks County, PA can be an enjoyable one with few surprises when the homeowner is certain that they have selected the right firm for their project.