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How much Does an ICF Home Cost?

How much Does an ICF Home Cost?

While ICF home construction can cost a little more than the traditional wood framed home, ICF homeowners say it is an investment that continues to pay off in numerous ways overtime. However, many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that an Insulated Concrete Form home is not as financially limiting as they suspect. For a typical new home construction, ICF can add as little as 10% or less onto the price of a new home.

When taking into account ICF cost, consider the high level of energy efficiency these homes provide. With their heavy concrete walls, ICF homes can save homeowners up to 40% on heating and cooling bills. For the average home, that translates to between $200 and $300 dollars per year. In some cases, insurance companies will also lower premiums because of the strength of the walls, as well as the mold and fire resistance of ICF homes. Therefore, homeowners should think of the cost of using ICF as an added investment.

While considering the cost, also pay attention to the company you choose to build your home for you. Gavin Construction is an experienced ICF builder with the knowledge to move the construction along with efficiency and the skill that creates a high quality construction.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and cost of a quality ICF home, give us a call at (610) 287-4050, and learn how we can make your dream home a reality.