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What are the Characteristics that Distinguish Today’s Luxury Custom Home?

What are the Characteristics that Distinguish Today’s Luxury Custom Home?

While a luxury custom home is often thought of as being one of grandeur in terms of size, high-end materials/finishes and craftsmanship in design execution, this is far from a complete picture. Today, the best of the luxury home builders in PA have responded to the changing needs of buyers, particularly in terms of space and sustainability.

While today’s luxury homes are still bigger than the average custom home, many homeowners are opting for fewer rooms that are larger while retaining the higher ceilings and larger footprint of traditional luxury custom homes. They still want a livable amount of bedrooms (no more than six) and bathrooms (average of four).

Many are eliminating formal dining rooms and even living rooms in favor of great rooms and home theaters. This allows them to have more usable space for the way that they live while being able to devote more to details and high-end finishes and technology.

One facet of how the latest technology is integrated into today’s luxury homes is via sustainability. This includes things like smart HVAC systems, water heating and lighting systems. In addition, luxury homeowners are opting for aesthetically integrated solar panels, wall systems that lower energy consumption, as well as windows and doors that do the same. This shows a well thought out home that prevents financial waste while lowering energy consumption for a greener world.

Progressive luxury home builders in PA have developed relationships with leading technology and fixture manufacturers that combine high-end quality with sustainability. This can be reflected in everything from flooring and wall treatments to countertops, cabinets and more.

As an example, bathrooms continue to be high-end amenity focal points in luxury homes. The detail of tubs is veering away from the massive whirlpool tubs to luxurious soaker tubs that provide a more intimate oasis experience while consuming fewer resources.

While luxury homeowners still want the highest quality and craftsmanship available as well as the grandeur, excess for the sake of excess is giving way to usability.

The leading luxury home builders in PA are adapting to this trend of the new luxury custom home in order to create showcase homes for their clients that are highly individualized and made to be enjoyed.