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Storm Drainage Problems

Storm Drainage Problems

Rain, rain, go away. Please come back another day. Although spring showers can bring green grass and beautiful flowers, they can also cause drainage problems.

There are typically three types of drainage problems homeowners will experience:

  • Site Grading Problems: A well designed grading plan will move surface water away from your foundation and prevent soggy spots and pools of water.

  • Storm Water Problems: Large and intense rainfalls can lead to soil erosion, overflowing gutters and often times, flooding basements or garages. The water is overwhelming your infrastructure.

  • Standing Water Problems: Some will experience areas that just take too long to dry after a rainfall. This will cause mud in areas that a homeowner just doesn’t want.

There are solutions and we can help. Here are a few:

  • Pipe Extensions: Connecting additional pipe to the discharge point and extending it underground and away from the property will redirect the water. By doing this, we can take the water away from the foundation.

  • French Drains: A perforated pipe located at the bottom of a constructed trench, wrapped with fabric and back filled with gravel. Rainwater is able to seep into the pipe to be channeled away.

  • Regrading: Changing the elevation of a landscape to redirect the flow of water can really improve property drainage.

  • Dry Wells: Passive, underground structures where water is diverted into from one or more structures. Dry wells hold an average of 50 gallons and are used in smaller applications.

These are just a few of the possible solutions. There are also pop up drains, porous pave, storage tanks/infiltration tanks, catch basins and sump pumps that can help solve drainage problems. Call Gavin Construction today to help solve your water problems!