When Gavin Construction builds custom ICF homes for our clients, we work only with the top ICF manufacturers in order to ensure excellent quality in the finished product. Currently, we are working with Reward Wall Systems, the industry’s top manufacturer of insulated concrete forms, or ICFs.

As a leading luxury home builder and one of the premier ICF contractors in our region, our reputation rides on building the best, and that means aligning with an ICF manufacturer who can provide us with the best. Since 1968 Reward Wall Systems has been producing insulated concrete forms that lead the industry in quality, while their staff provides service to its contractor customers that is second to none.

The company has six manufacturing facilities in the United States that provide ICF contractors top quality products and quick turnaround times. The facilities are located in Idaho, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Connecticut and Florida. Strategic forward thinking on Reward’s part placed these facilities in key locations so that shipments will be prompt to any site in the country.

Top ICF manufacturers like Reward Wall Systems make their concrete forms to be strong and virtually soundproof. ICF homes will stand up under very powerful winds, and resist fire for up to 4 hours, and homeowners hear about one-sixth the outside noise level compared to what they’d hear in a wood frame house.

Insulated concrete forms are part of the structure of the walls and stay solidly in place. Forms manufactured by Reward Wall Systems include a material that’s like Styrofoam and called expanded polystyrene. The polystyrene foam exterior and rebar and concrete interior work together to create an exceptionally strong and quiet wall.

Anyone considering having an ICF home built for them should hire only experienced, qualified ICF contractors to do the work. While some of the fabrication process is similar to traditional home construction, there are many facets to the project that require specific knowledge of ICF home building.

Another important benefit to living in an ICF home is savings on utility costs. The concrete walls in these homes are much better at preventing high or low temperature air from seeping in from the outside. They also keep temperatures throughout the house level and steady.

ICF homes can be finished with the same amenities as any other home – in other words, you won’t be sitting around all day looking at drab concrete walls. In the hands of an experienced contractor, like Gavin Construction, ICF homes create luxury custom homes and exceptional quality.

Gavin Construction is proud to be working with a great ICF manufacturer such as Reward Wall Systems. An ICF contractor is only as good as the suppliers and we look forward to a long and productive partnership with Reward Wall.

If you’d like to know more about ICF homes built with materials from one of the nation’s top ICF manufacturers, give us a call at (610) 287-4050. We’ll be happy to meet with you, hear your ideas and share some of ours.

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