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Important Considerations for that Bathroom Remodel

Important Considerations for that Bathroom Remodel

It’s more important than ever to keep the needs of all family members in mind when undertaking a renovation project, especially in a key room like the bathroom.

Here are a few areas for attention when you’re upgrading a bathroom for the whole family.

There are millions of American households that are multi-generational where grandparents, parents and children live under one roof. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, Bucks County, PA homeowners that fall into this category have to look at the needs of all of the family members to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing while being highly practical. If you opt for a shower only rather than a tub in your new design, there are a few things that you can do to make the design more practical for older and younger generations.

Grab bars can be an essential component for families with seniors or disabled family members to ensure their safety. The same holds true for younger family members that are just at the stage where they can take showers on their own. The thing is, these grab bars don’t have to detract from the overall design as long as they are part of the overall design process from the beginning. This allows you and your remodeling contractor to ensure that they fit in with the other fixtures and design elements of the bathroom for a cohesive look that helps them blend in.

Speaking of the very young and the very old, safety in the shower goes beyond grab bars to considering having permanent seating in the shower. The placement of shower controls as well as shower heads can easily accommodate all family members as long as height and age are part of the consideration process. In addition, it is also a great idea to install scald resistant fixtures in the shower as well as the sink so that everyone can be safe.

The overall design of the shower stall can be one where no one feels compromised in terms of access to all amenities and the bench placement can be conducive to those that stand as well as those that would be safer sitting. This also becomes a great way to bathe little ones that have not quite reached the age where they can shower on their own.

Frameless entries accommodate individuals of all ages. Their ease of use provides freedom for individual with mobility challenges, but looks aesthetically pleasing and is easy to keep clean.

Lighting is a design piece that should never be overlooked. Families should consider dimmer switches as a lighting option, as well as low light sources for nighttime visits. This can be very helpful for young children, as the use of more gentle light can make it easier for them to get back to sleep once they return to bed.

Last but not least, plan your storage options. In addition to well placed towel racks and bathroom supply storage, you should consider built-in niches and shelves for shampoo and soap, as well as smartly placed holders for toilet paper, towels, toilet brushes and, books and magazines.

Since families cannot always think of the many things that will enhance the space when it comes to bathroom remodeling, Bucks County contractors that ask how you live as well as what you want are always the best choice. Together, you and your contractor can create a design that is aesthetically beautiful while family friendly where each dollar is well spent.