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Why You Should Opt for Bathroom Remodeling Service

Bathroom Remodeling

Why You Should Opt for Bathroom Remodeling Service

Is your bathroom starting to show wear and tear from years of use? Do you desire a bathroom that is brighter, more spacious and looks like new again? You’re not alone. Many homeowners complain that their bathroom is too small, outdated and impractical. With a little help, you can design a space everybody in the family will enjoy for years to come.

Reasons to Remodel your Bathroom

If you are tired of looking at the tile or wallpaper that is the current décor of your bathroom, it might be time to remodel. While bathrooms aren’t a main focus point of a house, it is still nice to enjoy the décor of the room while you are in it.

You are tired of looking at avocado or pink tile and really want a stylish new bathroom. A new shower tile, along with new fixtures can create a space that is attractive and cost effective.

Lack of countertop space is another issue in many older bathrooms. Bathrooms can be high traffic areas on busy mornings, having two sinks can be more practical than one. If you are looking to add a tub or conversely remove an impractical old tub, adding a multi-head shower stall or tub liner can transform your bathroom into a spa.

Re-sale Value
One of the greatest benefits to remodeling your bathroom is the increase of your home’s value. An article in Remodeling Magazine reported that remodeling a bathroom can return 78% of it’s cost upon resale. Potential buyers place high value on a remodeled bathroom. Homes with renovated bathrooms tend to sell quicker than houses with outdated, older bathrooms.

Unlike other construction companies, Gavin Construction doesn’t cut corners. We work closely with each client to determine his/her needs and budgets. We use 3D modeling tools to make sure the client’s vision translates into the bathroom remodeling they desired.  We spend the necessary time to make sure the job is done right and everything works the way it was designed. We respect our clients and their homes, by keeping the project areas as neat as possible and carrying insurance if accidents occur.

Since 1968, we’ve been turning bathrooms into truly beautiful rooms and making customers happy with a level of service and workmanship not often found in our industry. Whether you simply need to replace flooring and a vanity, or want to totally transform your bathroom, call us at (610) 287-4050 and ask about our bathroom remodeling services.