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Tips for Bathroom Redesign & Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Tips for Bathroom Redesign & Bathroom Remodeling Projects

During the long cold winter, we spend a lot of time inside our homes and often begin to take more notice of worn out counters and shower stalls, stained tiles or leaky faucets.  Sometimes the wear and tear is too much to bear and it is time to remodel your bathroom.  Well, where do you begin the bathroom redesign process?

Before you break out that sledgehammer, take a moment to be honest about your DIY skills.  What often looks like a weekend project may be more than you anticipate, so getting advice and information from a professional who specializes in bathroom remodeling services could save you time and money later.

The bathroom redesign professionals at Gavin Construction are able to assist you with your bathroom remodeling project. With expert advice, top-notch customer service and years of experience, we can guide you in every stage of your bathroom design and remodeling.

Here are some tips to help you plan your bathroom remodeling project.

When beginning any bathroom remodeling project, it is critical to develop a budget and, if needed, determine your eligibility for financing. Your budget will help you understand the “boundaries of design.”  A budget will help you understand what you are able to replace and how creative you can be with your new bathroom remodeling project.

Once you understand your financial picture, you can begin to create another kind of picture. This time, it is a picture of what you want your space to become.  Ask yourself: What is my lifestyle and how will this project meet those needs? What is my design style?  Clip pictures and collect paint chips for an idea book. If you are on friendly terms with the internet, there are oodles of sites that can help you explore the possibilities.  At Gavin Construction, we utilize sites like Houzz or Pinterest to showcase our projects and to highlight industry trends that we feel our customers would find interesting.

Now that you have some ideas, it is time to call in the bathroom redesign professionals to see how to bring those ideas to life.  The professional staff from Gavin Construction has the experience and expertise to determine how to blend your lifestyle and design elements with the limitations of your space.  We customize a floor plan and create 3D imaging that can help you visualize how your bathroom redesign will work.  Our staff can also help you understand what needs to happen behind the walls as well. For example, it is important to have good ventilation so that you keep moisture under control and energy efficient windows to keep your energy bills from rising.

When creating the layout for your new space, it is important to start with the shower.  It has the largest impact on design and can often determine the level of custom construction that will need to be done. The days of the giant tub or jacuzzi have faded, but in its place are a wide variety of shower stalls and shower designs.  Many homeowners are opting for skillfully constructed tile showers that are more modern and stylized. For homeowners with a long view of their lifestyle, we see “universal design” features that are essential for aging in place. Some shower designs accommodate larger doors or no doors at all. Instead, we see walk or roll-in showers with no curb. There are also options for grab bars and seats that make showers look and feel like a luxury spa.

After you have selected your shower layout, it is time to turn your attention to countertops and sinks. The style of sink, type of vanity and countertop material you choose can really pull your design elements together.  It is important to research which surfacing material works best for your lifestyle.  A composite material like quartz has antimicrobial features that can be appealing for a bathroom setting, and with so many color choices, it is easy to find one that works for you.

The final stage of a bathroom remodeling project is all about the little details. Knobs or drawer pulls, brass or nickel towel racks. It is also about the fixtures that add the final touch and completes your design.

Trends toward more luxurious bathrooms can mean a flat screen TV that doubles as a mirror, heated towel warmers are a must and surround sound speakers create an oasis from life’s stress.  But if those extras aren’t in your budget, there are many options that can feel luxurious without breaking the bank. New designs in shower heads and lighting that dims can help you stay in budget but can make your new bathroom feel like a five-star resort.

With so many choices and opportunities for change, a bathroom remodeling project can seem overwhelming, but the staff at Gavin Construction are available to guide you in the process and help you create a space that works for you and your family. Please contact us with any questions. We are happy to serve you and share more information about our bathroom remodeling services.