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Craftsmanship Matters

Craftsmanship Matters

Our workshop has been busy this month producing specialized trim and stairs for our current custom home and renovation projects. When you do custom home remodeling projects, you have to be prepared to use skill and craftsmanship to meet the demands of any job.  One Towamencin Township resident needed a new roof, but had an exterior decorative feature that needed an update.  We replaced the roof and began the process of recreating the original cupola with more durable materials to stand the dramatically fluctuating seasonal weather in Pennsylvania.

Our craftsman recreated the cupola from a durable and maintenance free material known as Azek.  It is a manufactured PVC material that won’t rot and holds paint well for a lasting like-new look. The cupola also boasts a new, handcrafted copper roof to hold the weather vane. Along with the new roof, the copula has brought new life to the exterior of the home. See before and after pictures below.

Do you know the purpose of a traditional American Cupola?

Cupolas have always been an essential part of a barn's design. Its purpose is to draw moving air in through louvers in order to dry the hay stored high in the barn. In fact, old Yankee farmers where documented as referring to a cupola as "a roof over a hole in the roof".