New Solar Installation at New Jersey Office Complex

It has been a busy week of dodging raindrops and traffic for our solar installation team as they completed a new solar array in New Jersey.  This latest PV installation, with our partner company Lighthouse Solar of Philadelphia, is our most impressive to date. The office complex in Pennsauken, NJ will soon turn on a 116 Kilowatt roof-mounted solar array, designed to offset 100% of the landlord’s energy use.

The array used 486 framed modules that were 240 watts each.  We are also very proud to say that all of the modules and the racking system are 100% American-made. The American-made materials earned place on this job because of the quality and competitive pricing!

New Jersey is currently one of the best areas for solar energy installation in the country. The favorable market conditions, with impressive Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) reimbursements, means that business owners and residents can realize the full energy savings of the array within just a few years.