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Should You Consider a Custom Home Builder in PA?

Should You Consider a Custom Home Builder in PA?

As you drive through the Pennsylvania suburbs there are mind-boggling arrays of home developments.  There are cul-de-sacs of homes neatly lined along concrete sidewalks that seem to wind along endlessly. You see home after home with strikingly similar design structures, but with slightly varying exterior embellishments. Some homes have stucco, some are brick or stone, but each home strongly resembles the next. Is this because every family or homeowner’s lifestyle is so similar to their neighbor’s that they all chose the same house design? We know this isn’t true. Then why?

These homes are made possible by home developers that offer homeowners lovely homes on land in a community that creates a well-ordered and organized design aesthetic. Developers provide homebuyers with limited design choices, which reduce the need for too many decisions and enables quick turnovers and settlements. Home developers who are committed to quality construction, create a good alternative to a custom home construction.

However, if structured choice and the limited ability to design your home to meet your lifestyle seems frustrating to you, maybe you are the type of homeowner that should consider a custom home builder in PA.

Building your own home means many decisions, but it also means great rewards because your home reflects you and meets your needs.  A quality custom home builder in PA will be sure to guide you in the development of a home design that is within your budget, but fulfills your vision.

Before you begin, it is important to determine what you are able to afford and how you will finance your new custom home. First, gather preliminary information about what you need in a home including the number of bedrooms, amount of property and overall square footage. Then begin to price homes with those specifications in areas that you would like to live. Then find out how much land in the communities where you want to live costs. This will help you determine what type of home you can afford and will give you a financial starting point.

But how do you know what you would like your home to look like? Well, there are many different magazines and websites that can guide you. Houzz and Pinterest sites on the internet can help you browse home designs and interesting home features from all over North America.  Sometimes you don’t need to look far and wide for ideas, sometimes they are right around the corner. The quaint farmhouse down the street or the cozy cottage in your old neighborhood could provide great inspiration. Grab a camera and go on a scavenger hunt to find home exteriors that appeal to you.

When you find your custom home builder in PA, they will be able to help you determine what type of land would best suit your design needs and what price range you should focus on when searching.  Just remember location is key for the resale value of your home and for most people this will be their biggest investment.  Choose wisely and remember, a beautiful home needs a good space to show it off.

Once you have determined the style and location that best suits your needs, it is time to meet with an architect and put your ideas on paper.  As a design to build custom home builder in PA, Gavin Construction will help you through the design to build process beginning with creating your custom home plans.

When you have your land and your home plan, the fun really begins.  At Gavin Construction, we pride ourselves on the little details. Whether it is the quote for your home that outlines each area of construction or helping you determine if stone or stucco looks best, we take pride in providing homeowners with the best information so they can make decisions in order to create the home they envision.

Because Gavin Construction is a custom home builder in PA, we are licensed and insured. Our good reputation is built by years of service in our community and the great relationships we have with our customers. If you live in Montgomery or Bucks County, the chances are pretty good that we have built a home or completed a home remodeling or renovation project in your area.  Our second generation, family business began in 1968 and has been a high quality, custom home builder in PA ever since.  Each custom home reflects the family and owner that designed it, but quality and craftsmanship mark it as a Gavin Construction home.

If you are not interested in the limited choices that come when building a development home and you need more control over the quality and design of your biggest investment, you may be the right person to learn more about building a custom home. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Gavin Construction is here to answer all of your questions. Call or email us today for a free consultation about the process of building a custom home.