Lighting the Modern Custom Home

One area where custom home builders in PA encourage their clients to spend time during early planning is the lighting design. By integrating the lighting with the architecture wherever possible while simultaneously having an understanding of different lighting categories, homeowners can have beautiful and highly functional lighting throughout the home. The first thing that someone in […]

Going Solar with Custom Homes

Future homeowners and a number of the leading custom home builders in Bucks County, PA are beginning to see the light shining on solar energy in a whole new way. Although homeowners have been incorporating solar energy panels into their homes for some time, the benefits of incorporating them into new custom home designs are […]

Custom Home Builders, Bucks County PA

Custom home design and construction is a process that creates a home that reflects the lifestyle and aesthetics of the homeowner. As a custom home builder in Bucks County PA, Gavin Construction promotes partnerships with their clients that help them bring their vision to life. Whether our client’s dream home is a vintage-looking farmhouse or […]

Should You Consider a Custom Home Builder in PA?

As you drive through the Pennsylvania suburbs there are mind-boggling arrays of home developments.  There are cul-de-sacs of homes neatly lined along concrete sidewalks that seem to wind along endlessly. You see home after home with strikingly similar design structures, but with slightly varying exterior embellishments. Some homes have stucco, some are brick or stone, […]