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Custom Home Builders, Bucks County PA

Custom Home Builders, Bucks County PA

Custom home design and construction is a process that creates a home that reflects the lifestyle and aesthetics of the homeowner. As a custom home builder in Bucks County PA, Gavin Construction promotes partnerships with their clients that help them bring their vision to life.

Whether our client’s dream home is a vintage-looking farmhouse or a modern craftsman home, the creation of a custom home begins with design. Having an understanding of the type of home you would like to build and how much you are qualified to spend is the jumping-off point for every homeowner. This information will help them select the perfect lot that will suit their lifestyle, budget as well as the home design. Being custom home builders in Bucks County PA, Gavin Construction is familiar with township permitting and inspection requirements so the process of constructing your home moves along smoothly.

After a lot is selected and a budget is determined, an architect and the knowledgeable staff at Gavin Construction will work with you closely to develop a house plan. After a homeowner decides on a plan, the staff at Gavin Construction works to determine costs and budgets for areas likes flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, lighting and appliances. Using the highest quality materials and providing homeowners access to some of the most experienced trades and craftsmen, they will offer a clear and detailed estimate for the cost of the home. Once these parameters are set, the decision-making begins that turns paper ideas into a wood and mortar structure.

From the first bucket of soil to the last finished nail, the highly skilled and professional staff at Gavin Construction will be there to assist the homeowner with the many decisions involved with building their dream home. We take great pride in being a leading custom home builder in Bucks County, PA as well as Montgomery, Berks and Lehigh Counties. We look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have regarding custom home construction. Contact our knowledgeable staff today.