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High-Efficiency Custom Home in Bucks County, PA

High-Efficiency Custom Home in Bucks County, PA

August may represent the end of summer, but it is the beginning of some fantastic projects for us here at Gavin Construction.  We have begun another high-efficiency custom home using the Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF in Bedminster, PA.

If you are asking what is ICF? You aren’t alone.  At Gavin Construction, we use the Reward Wall System to supply our Insulated Concrete Forms.  These forms are actually created by joining long hollow “blocks” that are constructed with two strips of polystyrene connected with plastic ties.  The ICF blocks can be cut to create custom lengths.  Once the blocks are tied and reinforced with rebar, concrete is poured inside the blocks to form the foundation and walls of the home.

Why ICF blocks instead of a traditional stick framing or concrete formed foundations? Simply put, it is more energy efficient and provides more protection from molds, allergens, fire and wind damage than traditional construction.

Unlike common concrete forms in which the steel forms are removed after the concrete hardens, the polystyrene on the ICF block remains part of the structure. Along with the thick concrete core, it provides insulation that allows interior temperatures to stay steady throughout the year, reducing heating and cooling costs. The ICF also creates a tight seal for the inside of the home that resists the moisture that creates harmful molds. It also protects your home with wind resistance up to 200 mph and fire up to 4 hours.

We will continue to update you on this project. Check our Facebook page for more pictures of how we are using ICF blocks to create the foundation and walls of this new custom home.