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Quartz Surfacing for Kitchen Counters and Bathroom Vanities

Quartz Surfacing for Kitchen Counters and Bathroom Vanities


silestone 2A new feature in our kitchen showroom is a variety of natural, quartz stone samples that are used in countertops, vanities and flooring in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.  Christine, our quartz and granite specialist, describes quartz as the “next leading wave” in surfaces.  Quartz surfaces are manufactured slabs that have the durability of granite, but require less maintenance.  Quartz surfaces are created by combining pure, natural quartz with resin and pigment to create a strong, nonporous product in a variety of designs and colors.

Quartz surface products, such as Zodiaq, Silstone and Cambria do not require sealing. Like granite surfaces, they have anti-microbial properties, resist staining and scratching as well as scorching.

One of the most exciting features of Quartz surfacing products is the range of design choices that are available. Granite doesn’t offer hot pink or lime, but quartz products provide opportunities for a natural stone product that fits unique residential and commercial design choices.  As Christine also stated, many people find that there can be too much “movement” in some granite stone formations and some customers don’t wish to be greeted with bold swirling patterns first thing in the morning.  Therefore, quartz surfaces offer more dense and uniform choices since this medium is actually a man-made design element.  The choices in quartz surfaces can range from strong, iridescent designs to the cool, dense white with minimal imperfections. With a variety of edge designs and palette themes such as "Jewel," “Marble,” “Metallic” and “Monochromatic”, you can create just the look you envision for your home redesigning project.

Quartz stone isn’t just a “conversation” piece it is a “conservation” piece for those who desire green building elements.  Quartz products can be made from recycled sources, such as glass and are radon-free, unlike some granite products. Market competitive pricing and strong product warranties have made quartz-surfacing products affordable for customers considering granite for their new kitchen or bath redesign project.

We hope you will stop by our showroom and see the wide variety of quartz surface samples and consider it as an option in your new home remodeling project.