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Creating an Exciting Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Creating an Exciting Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Today, there are many ways to create the kitchen remodel of your dreams on a budget. In many cases when it comes to kitchen remodeling, Bucks County, PA design and construction experts offer a great many options that can deliver stunning designs without exorbitant cost.

For instance, there is often no need to go to the major expense of moving walls, because new cabinets and appliances can create the perfect flow pattern. Nor do you need to break the bank to get the high-end look that you desire. By working with a design expert that has innovative ideas and experience in selecting quality materials, you don’t have to compromise durability, functionality or aesthetic beauty.

New cabinets account for about 40 percent of a kitchen remodel cost. When homeowners look for new cabinets, it’s all about smooth functionality, accessibility and aesthetic beauty. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to get the look and functionality that you want. Work with your designer to keep standard dimensions and depths to avoid extra labor costs with retrofitting cabinets. However, don’t shy away from custom cabinetry options. With the different grades of wood and types of finishing, custom cabinetry may be more affordable then you imagine.

In terms of kitchen remodeling, Bucks County, PA homeowners are discovering that having the look and feel of stone or granite countertops is something that you can do on a more limited budget. Today’s unbelievable laminates can provide the high-end look and feel of their natural counterparts while outperforming them in terms of durability and low maintenance.

You don’t have to purchase the latest name brand fixtures to get that sleek and expensive look when you’re on a budget. There is a broad range of fixtures in a variety of styles and at a cost that works for you. Shop locally and online to acquire the best range of styles and prices, but consult your designer to be assured your fixture selections meet the correct specifications for your design.

Many of the top kitchen remodeling Bucks County, PA experts see an overwhelming desire for white in kitchen remodels. This can include everything from cabinets to appliances. Speaking of which, stainless steel appliances no longer hold the cache of luxury that they once did. Now, many appliance manufacturers are creating luxurious appliances in black and white that are not only all the rage, but are also timeless and affordable.

Updating appliances is often a part of a kitchen remodel. However, you can make this endeavor more cost effective when you shop around for the best prices and watch for sale. However, some homeowners have the ability to select appliances by working with a local appliance retailer associated with their contractor. Often the contractors work with local businesses to offer high quality appliances, better customer service and more personalized repair services then big box stores. Since the cost of appliances varies greatly by the “bells and whistles” you select, careful consideration of what features you need versus which ones would be nice extras can make the difference.

These are only a few of the many kitchen remodeling options that can keep you within budget, while still being able to create a beautifully designed space. Next time, we’ll discuss how you can save money without compromising luxury, durability and versatility by exploring a variety of flooring options, discussing how to use lighting effectively and what replacement windows do for a home remodel.