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Going Solar with Custom Homes

Going Solar with Custom Homes

Future homeowners and a number of the leading custom home builders in Bucks County, PA are beginning to see the light shining on solar energy in a whole new way. Although homeowners have been incorporating solar energy panels into their homes for some time, the benefits of incorporating them into new custom home designs are starting to become widely known.

Rather than citing the many energy saving benefits of solar energy, this article is about the cost saving benefits of installing them as part of new home construction. Today’s vast array of solar panels can be incorporated onto a home’s roof in a highly integrated way that range from frameless designs to solar panel shingles that are designed to blend in and mimic traditional asphalt roof shingles. These modern designs not only provide some of the highest efficiency ratings available, they can actually enhance the look of the home.

While upfront costs have been a challenge for many homeowners in the past, states like Pennsylvania have provided rebates and financial incentives. This is in addition to ongoing federal tax credits of as much as 30 percent on residential solar projects without upper limits on project size.

The most progressive custom home builders in Montgomery County, PA are making solar an option to their services through relationships with third party solar design and installation companies. For energy-conscious homeowners the fact that installing solar panels during construction has an estimated 20 percent cost saving provides an additional incentive.

In addition to the cost savings incurred by installing solar panels during the home construction process, adding them at this stage generally ensures that they can be far sturdier than if attached to an already existing roof. Sleek and progressive solar panel designs can be chosen to fully integrate into the roof line or even as what at first glance appears to be a dormer window. This can make them part of the original design of the custom home in a way that furthers that aesthetic symbiosis.

going-solar-with-custom-homes-2Homeowners that work with custom home builders in Bucks County, PA and throughout Pennsylvania to incorporate solar into their custom home design enjoy, energy savings and beauty as just two advantages. By going this route with new custom homes, they can make the payments more manageable as their addition makes for only a slightly higher mortgage payment.

As energy needs increase and the country as a whole further incorporates alternative energy saving methods, solar is becoming not only ubiquitous, but also more affordable. While the day may come that solar panels become a compulsory aspect of new home construction, custom home builders in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding areas can help today’s future homeowners reap big rewards by choice design.