Solar Energy Events

In May and June, Lighthouse Solar sponsored two Solar Energy Events to provide the community with information about current trends in solar energy technology and financing.  These events highlighted how grid-tied solar systems work and how they are custom engineered for every customer.  Tom and Brendon, presented the new Lumos LSX frameless solar panel. With its sleek design, versatility and efficiency, it is a unique new advance in solar energy technology.

Tom also discussed new opportunities for solar financing in the state of Pennsylvania. Lighthouse Solar now offers solar leasing opportunities for its customers. This allows homeowners to lock in energy prices at today’s rates and will provide greater energy savings year after year.

Tom and Brendon are planning another energy event in the coming months. Check our Facebook page or this blog for the dates and times or sign-up for our newsletter and have the information delivered directly to your inbox.  We look forward to seeing you at the next energy event.