Going Solar with Custom Homes

Future homeowners and a number of the leading custom home builders in Bucks County, PA are beginning to see the light shining on solar energy in a whole new way. Although homeowners have been incorporating solar energy panels into their homes for some time, the benefits of incorporating them into new custom home designs are […]

Lumos LSX Solar Modules Installation

The sun is shining a little brighter and a lot more profitably for one Lansdale couple, whom recently had a Lumos LSX roof-mounted, solar array installed at their residence. The 5.4 kW system uses the new frameless technology by Lumos Solar, a sister company of Lighthouse Solar. Lighthouse Solar/Gavin Construction is the only company locally, which is […]

Solar Energy Events

In May and June, Lighthouse Solar sponsored two Solar Energy Events to provide the community with information about current trends in solar energy technology and financing.  These events highlighted how grid-tied solar systems work and how they are custom engineered for every customer.  Tom and Brendon, presented the new Lumos LSX frameless solar panel. With […]