Benefits of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) for Homeowners

If you are asking what is ICF? You aren’t alone. ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. Top manufacturers like Reward Wall System created concrete forms that are strong and virtually soundproof. These forms are actually created by joining long hollow “blocks” that are constructed with two strips of polystyrene connected with plastic ties. The ICF […]

How much Does an ICF Home Cost?

While ICF home construction can cost a little more than the traditional wood framed home, ICF homeowners say it is an investment that continues to pay off in numerous ways overtime. However, many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that an Insulated Concrete Form home is not as financially limiting as they suspect. For a […]

ICF and Home Design Considerations

When making new home design considerations, choosing an experienced ICF contractor is key. Experienced ICF contractors plan for all phases of construction, for example, placement and installation of utilities when planning the foundation. This forethought requires an ICF contractor with a thorough understanding of the chosen ICF method and materials manufacturer. In addition, experienced ICF […]