Custom Home Building Made Simple

For customers that decide to build a custom home instead of opting for a development home, the venture is about lifestyle and vision.   As a custom home builder in Montgomery County, PA for over 40 years, Gavin Construction has been a trusted partner for many homeowners looking to create their own unique, high quality home […]

Craftsmanship Matters

Our workshop has been busy this month producing specialized trim and stairs for our current custom home and renovation projects. When you do custom home remodeling projects, you have to be prepared to use skill and craftsmanship to meet the demands of any job.  One Towamencin Township resident needed a new roof, but had an […]

High-Efficiency Custom Home in Bucks County, PA

August may represent the end of summer, but it is the beginning of some fantastic projects for us here at Gavin Construction.  We have begun another high-efficiency custom home using the Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF in Bedminster, PA. If you are asking what is ICF? You aren’t alone.  At Gavin Construction, we use the […]

Sally Port for Newtown Township Police Department

In June, Gavin Construction completed a specialized garage, known as a sally port, for the Newtown Township Police Department. The sally port is a secured building with a controlled entryway for the police officers to use when they are transporting a person in their custody. Gavin Construction completed the demolition of the old carport, excavated […]