Green Building for Quality Living

High efficiency, sustainable and locally sourced materials are just the beginning of the revolution for green building. It is imperative to build with the future in mind, as well as to tread lightly on the land that sustains us. In order to do so, green builders should source local materials while using the best in […]

Why You Should Opt for Bathroom Remodeling Service

Is your bathroom starting to show wear and tear from years of use? Do you desire a bathroom that is brighter, more spacious and looks like new again? You’re not alone. Many homeowners complain that their bathroom is too small, outdated and impractical. With a little help, you can design a space everybody in the […]

Lighting the Modern Custom Home

One area where custom home builders in PA encourage their clients to spend time during early planning is the lighting design. By integrating the lighting with the architecture wherever possible while simultaneously having an understanding of different lighting categories, homeowners can have beautiful and highly functional lighting throughout the home. The first thing that someone in […]

ICF and Home Design Considerations

When making new home design considerations, choosing an experienced ICF contractor is key. Experienced ICF contractors plan for all phases of construction, for example, placement and installation of utilities when planning the foundation. This forethought requires an ICF contractor with a thorough understanding of the chosen ICF method and materials manufacturer. In addition, experienced ICF […]

Important Considerations for that Bathroom Remodel

It’s more important than ever to keep the needs of all family members in mind when undertaking a renovation project, especially in a key room like the bathroom. Here are a few areas for attention when you’re upgrading a bathroom for the whole family. There are millions of American households that are multi-generational where grandparents, […]

Going Solar with Custom Homes

Future homeowners and a number of the leading custom home builders in Bucks County, PA are beginning to see the light shining on solar energy in a whole new way. Although homeowners have been incorporating solar energy panels into their homes for some time, the benefits of incorporating them into new custom home designs are […]

Creating an Exciting Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Today, there are many ways to create the kitchen remodel of your dreams on a budget. In many cases when it comes to kitchen remodeling, Bucks County, PA design and construction experts offer a great many options that can deliver stunning designs without exorbitant cost. For instance, there is often no need to go to […]